Birthday Parties

I was just thinking about how times have changed since I was a little girl. Birthday parties were mostly held in one’s home. You didn’t hear of many, if any, children’s celebrations being conducted in a fancy restaurant or even in a park, for that matter. In my own personal experience, my parents threw me a party every year while I was still in grade school. We lived in a two bedroom apartment but that didn’t matter because there was still plenty of room to squeeze a giggly, excited group of little girls in to do what kids do best…have fun! In these modern times, parks have become the new norm to host a party. One of the things that I have observed is the popularity of party rides, such as various bounce items. For instance, my family and I were invited to partake in the festivities of the birthday of our friend’s daughter for her 7th birthday. The main focus of amusement was supplied by Bounce House Rentals Seminole. I actually do see the reason that people rent these type of things for little Susie or Tommy. In a way, it’s quite impressive to a child’s eyes when they arrive at a party venue and see the bouncy rides. I suppose it also provides an easier way to keep the kids entertained and in one spot in order for the adults to keep a closer eye on the attendees. From the amount of energy spent jumping and bouncing in these inflatable rides, I suspect bedtime goes smoother due to the kids being tired out. I am a mom, myself and my offspring are now adults but I can imagine how much less work it would have been for me to clean up after one of my kid’s birthday parties had we thrown the event at a local park instead of at our house. Still, there was more of an intimate feel to the home based celebrations. My mommy parties are in the past but I will embrace the newer version that my great grandchildren now enjoy!