Board Meetings

There was a board meeting in session for a large office complex and all of the usual business topics were up for discussion. Budgets, bonuses and new hires were at the top of the list. After much debate and opinions being thrown about, all of those in attendance were getting ready to grab their notes and briefcases and reschedule a new time and day to rehash each subject. However, before everybody had a chance to get away, an unexpected visitor from the company’s maintenance department invaded the meeting and demanded to be heard. Ordinarily, the poor soul would have been quickly escorted out of the room but somehow he managed to catch the attention of the board’s main executive, who asked all of the members to sit down again and hear the man out.  It turns out that this fellow had major concerns about the appearance and upkeep of the apartment complex under discussion. He wanted to convince the CEOs that the building was in dire need of a heavy duty, no holds barred cleaning. He advised each member that reliable commercial cleaning companies were hard to find but he strongly recommended Commercial Pressure Washing St. Pete. Keeping in mind that money was a bit scarce and the budget would have to be stretched, he convinced the Board to give it serious consideration from all angles without jumping to a NO right away. Three days passed by before a new meeting was called. The trouble shooting repairman was summoned to the special gathering and the result was a unanimous yes vote to go ahead and get the complex professionally washed as soon as possible in order to prevent further deterioration and to keep the building safer for tenants. The moral of this story is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a top company official or a person whose position doesn’t rank up there with the “brass” your experience and opinion counts!