How frequent Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Need To Be Done 

It is a recognized fact that carpeting a commercial facility can actually cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is surely a vast investment that the facility managers often want to protect.  

Commercial Carpet Cleaning  

If you are wondering what are the best means to give your carpet healthier and longer life. The answer would be a regular and professional cleaning only if there’s no need to rip and replace the carpet. Yes, right! For the reason that many commercial facilities oftentimes seek help from carpet cleaning services when the carpet is visibly and obviously soiled. You may think that it’s a practical move since you won’t be getting service that much often and that spare you from paying for the service. However, this practice will cost you a lot more in the future, if the carpet can’t be cleaned anymore and the best option is to rip off and replace them. 


By this being said, it is important that by the moment you see and noticed that your carpet is unclean, especially carpets in the doorways and hallways, the grit and dirt has been there and in fact doing plenty of damage and spoil your carpet for quite some time. And so, the best time to clean the carpet is before it’s obvious like the carpet really needs it. 


A regular carpet cleaning, let’s say a regular schedule every 6 months for example can in fact remove and clean the visible dirt most especially the hidden dirt and grit that can erode quickly on your carpet. By getting rid of the dirt and grit as early as possible will help improve the look of your carpet and above all will make your carpet extend its life and become more durable. 


By doing a regular carpet cleaning, will not only make your carpet look good and give a fresh appearance but as well it will keep the fibers from crushing and matting. This is in fact one of the natural consequences of the foot traffic but an expert and professional carpet cleaning service will lift the fibers back to where they are supposed to be at the same time take all the grime and dirt that has been matted down the carpet.  


Now, if you are wondering if how frequent should you give your carpet a cleaning normally depends on the environment and conditions of the commercial facility. For instance, a facility that has high foot traffic might need a carpet cleaning service roughly every 3 months. 


Just keep this in mind, everything that finds a way onto your carpet can give or contribute to dulling its look and appearance, not to mention it leave a stale odor as well as erode the strength of your carpet’s fibers. 


You can actually lessen the frequency of the commercial carpet cleaning by placing a protective floor mats especially in the high traffic areas as well as where the food is being prepared or eaten, let’s say doorways, water coolers, break rooms, and elevators.