Public Services

Just recently i was having a conversation with a friend about the many different public services we have access to in comparison to pioneer days. For instance, public transportation was a stagecoach whereas today we have buses, trains, airplanes and the newest is Uber. Of course, taxi cabs are still another way to go. People traveled from one town to the other on the frontier in wagon trains. When a wheel fell off (as they often did) everyone had to work together to repair it. How lucky are we to have garages and mechanics and tow truck Clearwater or Largo or Seminole just a phone call away. In the Old West towns, there might be one family restaurant. Now, not only do we have multitudes of restaurants, we have every kind imaginable… fancy, fast food and neighborhood hangouts are just a few. The early shopping spots were one general store and a food store. Today we have malls with multiple store types and supermarkets. By the way, the latest trend in grocery shopping is to order online and have it delivered. Barber shops might have existed back in the day but I don’t know if there were any womens salons. Today unisex hair salons have been popular for some time.


When I watch movies about those old Western times, womens clothes stand out. I can’t even imagine having to wear so many garments like long skirts and little bonnets, etc. especially in a hot climate like Florida. I will say on the plus side that it would be nice to see ladies in our times dress just a tad more modest and yet, I wouldn’t want to go back to those long ago fashions.


While I admire the fortitude of the early pioneers, both men and women, let’s just say I’m thankful for all the conveniences of our present times!